Ethics for Robotics in our Changing World

As the pioneer for undergraduate robotics WPI recognizes that there are ethical issues that are raised in our society by facilitating the advancement of robotic development. The purpose of this symposium is to raise awareness of the ethical issues surrounding the use of robots in society by providing an interactive forum for technical and non technical discussion and networking between students and industry professionals.



WPI has recognized the social responsibilities associated with being a pioneer in an emerging industry and as a result, is taking steps to ensure that future generations of engineers and scientists are aware of the impact that their actions cause on society.

Interactive Program

In addition to the standard lectures and keynote speakers that most symposiums provide, the 2010 WPI Roboethics Symposium will be unique in that it will have a series of debate sessions for all participants to get the chance to actively engage in discussion on ethical topics relevant to their interests. For more information see the "debate" section of this document.